Thursday, November 19, 2009

Garden of surprises?

This is our front garden...
I'm a bit of a 'Let nature take it's course' kinda girl and therefore doesn't look like much...

Until you take a closer look -
Even weeds are pretty, sometimes..

Monday, November 2, 2009

My Latest Vinnies Haul

I still get the warm fuzzies thinking about my latest purchases!

Lovely vintage sideboard - $84

Retro wooden armchair - $20

it was calling out to me... please give me some new cushions and a bit of love and i will be awesome for all which i replied ...yes little chair, i can see your awesomeness, i shall take you home and love you forever...

Hi, My name is Lauren and Im addicted to Swap Bot

What a fabulous concept!

Ive joined the realm of swappers with reckless abandon, and am really enjoying myself!
so far i have upcycled bookmarks and postcarded and even sent Tea!

gosh i love getting mail that doesn't require payment and let me tell you... it doesn't happen often.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Tea Wallet.. Take one.

for my first foray back to craft Ive made some tea wallets...

I'm just a little in love with tea.

Photos aren't the best, but you get the idea... tutorial here

inspiration from the 80's

recently i picked a book called stitch by stitch from the oppy which is full of great sewing, knitting and crocheting ideas.. that is if you want to look like you've just stepped out of 1985.. but then again fashion is a cycle.

here's one of the ideas from the book for all your little bits of left over wool..

tie all the bits together...

the book called for knitting (which i cant do) but i crocheted them into a block..
and Voila!

pure 80's awesomeness!

Now i actually really like it.. (being an 80's girl myself) its retro, funky and i got to use a heap of leftover bits of wool just screaming for me to do something with them. thinking this will end up being a cushion cover or part thereof..

Im now inspired for the next MEGA PROJECT... stay tuned.

mummas back.. in small doses.

Hi Blog World!

its about time i got my bum into gear and posted because... I'm crafting again!
about time too because my craft area has exploded (due to ransacking mum's back room and stealing.. i mean acquiring, a heap of fabric and wool.

i need inspiration and quickly, before i get buried.

Monday, August 24, 2009

ok... im back, at least untill Thom wakes up.

its been a month and i haven't blogged, crafted, or done any housework... which makes me a tad guilty cause i should be doing that instead of this.

anyhoo... i have 171 articles to read from all the lovely crafty blogs i subscribe to so i had better get on it!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

I Made This!

Little Thomas is now 10 days old, we are home from the hospital and are trying to figure out just what in the hell we are doing.

Often Rob and i will look at each other and wonder 'why is he STILL crying?'
Fed - Check
nappy changed - Check
burped - Check
cuddled - Check
Rocked - Check

hmmm... what else can there be?

The Nurse at the Early Childhood Center told us that he was over tired... we didn't even consider this as an option and both wondered if he's tired why doesn't he just close his eyes? we aren't demanding attention... in fact we are expending quite a lot of energy TRYING to get him to sleep!

I hope this starts to get easier soon....

he is pretty darn cute tho and when he looks at you with his eyes slightly crossed and with his mean frown, it makes up for all those sleepless nights..

you can play along here at Meet me at Mikes to win her book!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Introducing... Thomas Edgar

Born at 11.54 on 22 July
Weighing 3.705 Kg and 52cm long

Mum is exhausted and bub is constantly hungry but both fine....

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another project fininshed..

Just a little something for the MIL Christine, full of little bits she loves.
I know because she gave the charms to me!
is it poor form to return gift if Ive created something new with the bits?

Rocking Chair... the makeover.

I've been lucky enough to be given my Great-Great-Grandfathers Rocking Chair... its been sitting in my Nan's garage for the last 20 or so years and in her fathers garage for goodness knows how long before that.

Not any more!
Now it will be in prime position for Bub's feeding and attempted sleep time.

Once again the trusty FIL Bruce has engineered me some cushions for me to cover...
For my first foray into patchwork, Ive gone for basic squares in random shades of 'black' cause i seem to have a heap of it... Not sure if i really like it but it will do the job nicely for the moment... now i just need to finish them

I am a creative genius. In my own mind anyway..

Last night i got it into my head that i really didn't want to lug around a suitcase full of baby paraphernalia everywhere i go and just want a small nappy bag for those super quick outings here and/or there.

and i managed to pull this out from somewhere...

Using an old belt for the strap, fabric salvaged from mums back room and the MIL's attic, its great for popping out the door at a moments notice... just the way i like it.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Its almost done!

Check it out its awesomeness...
Super big props to FIL Bruce for the frame, and big pat on the back to me for winging the bag and actually getting the measurements right...

It Fits! It Fits! It Fits! It Fits! It Fits! It Fits! It Fits! It Fits! It Fits! It Fits! It Fits! It Fits! It Fits! It Fits! It Fits! It Fits! It Fits! It Fits! It Fits! It Fits! It Fits! It Fits! It Fits! It Fits! It Fits!
Super happy fun dance!

Words and Pictures - Green

There is nothing more that i wish for this spring, than to be a porch monkey with my family in my uber comfy green deck chair..

and looking at our cool plants... not sure what they are, but they are most certainly cool.

Thanks meet me at mikes for this weeks words and pictures, its reminded me of the simple things.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Too cute

Found my 2 boys having an afternoon snooze in the sun yesterday... very Cute!


I've managed to tick 2 things off the Crafty List, begun a few more and have subsequently added another 7...

2 little Peas awaiting a pod to reside in and some snappy wedding attire... think they are pretty cute all on their own!

Bassinet is 85% done!!!
Just need to sew the last side on and attach the trim and hope like hell it -
a) fits on the frame and
b) dosent fall apart when my fragile little bub is sleeping in it
Been putting off the last bit because Ive made my own bias style trim and it needs to be ironed in just the right way, Now i personally believe that ironing is the devils work and should be avoided at all costs (which is why every item of clothing I own has a bit of stretch), but Ive pulled out the trusty iron and board (for the first time since we have moved in... 8 months ago) and it is currently sitting in the middle of the hallway waiting for me to 'pull my finger out'. Its on the to do list for today...

Align Center
Blue paper piecing ball... TICK!

Bathina bag from the previous post.... TICK!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

My brain is imploding with crafty goodness..

After my extensive Crafty To-Do blog yesterday, I awoke this morning at stupid o'clock with projects on the brain.. its really quite overwhelming. So Ive pulled myself out of a nice warm bed to sit out the back and prioritise (got to LOVE Excel) with a nice hot bowl of porridge and hmm... this moment needs a cuppa... be right back.

OK. Much better.

Ive narrowed down the the list to 4 things...

1. Finish the Bathina Bag - should take all of 10 mins but its a bit awkward which is why Ive been putting it off

2. Amigurum Two peas in a pod - need to give it as a present in mid July

3. the Bassinet - Due in 12 days (yeah, woop!) and bub will need somewhere to sleep.

4. A blue paper piecing ball - not that i really need to make it now but its a nice quick project that will give me some warm fuzzies when I'm finished and hopefully give me a bit more motivation on all the other stuff...

anyhoo.. better get stuck into it,
little less conversation, a little more action and all that.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

what in the world have i been up to? everything it seems...

My creative space has exploded this week...
lots on the boiler all at once and as usual not a lot getting completed.

hemming some curtains.

Got some new wool which i am going to try and make a ripply crocheted scarf inspired by the lovely Attic24 (pattern here) her blog brightens my day.

Another 2 English paper pieced balls in this cute fleecy fabric, one for the bubba and another as a gift for little Jim.

Image and free pattern from here
then these cute little guys as a wedding gift for some of Hubby's work mates... now just need to figure out how to read the pattern

some handles for my next bag..

Lets not forget the bigs and smalls blanket that has been rudely shoved aside for the moment (don't worry, i haven't forgotten about you)

and I've also got material to make a crib for bubba. Luckily my FIL is very handy and has already made the frame and now i just need to figure out how to make the hanging basket, but as bub is due in 13 days i REALLY need to get a wriggle on!

Bathina Bag

Introducing ...the Bathina Bag in all its unfinished glory!

Almost finished.. just got the last handle to sew and tidying up the loose threads.
You can print out the free pattern from Burdastyle here, and check out the creators blog here.
Granted her blog is in German and i cant understand a word of it but she does have some lovely pictures of her fab creations!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Heres just a few of my favorite blues....

Top left to right

1. My hubby Rob's eyes ... yeah i think he's a bit special.
2. My new notebook and Smiggle pen with a funky little dude and 6 colours!
3. Bigs and Smalls Blanket, still getting there...
4. Elephant necklace (from..
diva for $2, but i love it all the same)
5. Retro Kitchen Scales got these as a wedding gift and think they are the coolest things out
6. Glass Vase
7. Engagement Ring - Robbie designed it all by himself which makes it even more special
8. My man in his blue Canoe - flexing his muscles in a fabulous display of manliness
9. Yummy Mummy blue streak
always wanted to do something a little wild with my hair but never had the guts... until now.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Finally... an update

Ive stopped playing bejeweled for long enough to turn lots of bits of fabric into a bag...
YES! a REAL bag!

I'm really quite impressed with myself.
just don't look too closely cause i still need to make the finishing touches ie: trim all those loose strands etc.

I even made a little decorative do-dat for it as well...

Next I'm up for a bit of hexing... i have soooo much pink fabric that i really feel the urge to get rid of most of it...

As pink is my most hated out of the colour spectrum, I'm making it into stuff and inflicting it onto others.. you have been warned...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bejeweled Blitz has taken over my life...

I'm obsessed... serious medical intervention may be necessary.
every time I close my eyes I can see those little gems bursting and falling.
All of my craftiness has been put on hold, nothing is being completed... and it's all bejeweled's fault!

The inspiration list is getting longer, I haven't had a chance to blog and I keep having to delete the posts on facebook saying 'Lauren is currently playing Bejeweled Blitz' because its really getting quite embarrassing...
So That's IT! no more... after this game... one minute....

Thursday, June 18, 2009

This week on My Creative Space

This week has been a whirlwind of blah.....
yucky weather, doctors appointments and cleaning... yerk.

My Creative Space.... Hmmm.

Does the baby count? Personally, I think its a project all on its own (26 days to go... Yeah!) ... but then again I am the worlds biggest whiner at the moment.

Not much going on in the way of craft, but the inspiration list is getting longer and longer!

On the weekend I bought a pattern for a little handbag, which my sister and i got really excited about and promptly cut out all the bits, but took too long so it is still in what seems like a million pieces ready to be sewn together...

the fabric is really cute and i can wait for the finished product, may need some help from someone with half a brain tho.

also, just went through the bookcase and found a mound of cooking mags to go through and get all the recipes that i like the look of to stick in my 'love to make but will probably never cook - book!'. doesn't really help that all i want to eat is chips and snickers bars....

Monday, June 8, 2009

36 days to go and counting...

i cant wait, im ready... really. like im about to rip bubba out with my bare hands ready.

Inspiration overload AKA messy crafting desk syndrome

I've got too much stuff.. I know it, comes from attempting almost every craft known to man and then some. This is my sanctuary. I come here to craft, surf the net, get ideas, read blogs, dream, look out the window, eat breakfast... well, you get the idea.

will have to present an 'after' photo shortly..

English Paper Piecing Ball

At the Brown Owls Meeting I made a ball for bubba... its awesome.
As a finishing touch i added a little bell inside for a bit of extra goodness.

Benbow promtly fell in love with it...

and subsequently tried to eat it..

Glad he likes it.