Friday, June 26, 2009

Heres just a few of my favorite blues....

Top left to right

1. My hubby Rob's eyes ... yeah i think he's a bit special.
2. My new notebook and Smiggle pen with a funky little dude and 6 colours!
3. Bigs and Smalls Blanket, still getting there...
4. Elephant necklace (from..
diva for $2, but i love it all the same)
5. Retro Kitchen Scales got these as a wedding gift and think they are the coolest things out
6. Glass Vase
7. Engagement Ring - Robbie designed it all by himself which makes it even more special
8. My man in his blue Canoe - flexing his muscles in a fabulous display of manliness
9. Yummy Mummy blue streak
always wanted to do something a little wild with my hair but never had the guts... until now.

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