Thursday, July 2, 2009

My brain is imploding with crafty goodness..

After my extensive Crafty To-Do blog yesterday, I awoke this morning at stupid o'clock with projects on the brain.. its really quite overwhelming. So Ive pulled myself out of a nice warm bed to sit out the back and prioritise (got to LOVE Excel) with a nice hot bowl of porridge and hmm... this moment needs a cuppa... be right back.

OK. Much better.

Ive narrowed down the the list to 4 things...

1. Finish the Bathina Bag - should take all of 10 mins but its a bit awkward which is why Ive been putting it off

2. Amigurum Two peas in a pod - need to give it as a present in mid July

3. the Bassinet - Due in 12 days (yeah, woop!) and bub will need somewhere to sleep.

4. A blue paper piecing ball - not that i really need to make it now but its a nice quick project that will give me some warm fuzzies when I'm finished and hopefully give me a bit more motivation on all the other stuff...

anyhoo.. better get stuck into it,
little less conversation, a little more action and all that.

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  1. we missed you at Brown Owls last night!! We were all hoping you hadn't gone into early labour!!Hope all is well :)