Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I've managed to tick 2 things off the Crafty List, begun a few more and have subsequently added another 7...

2 little Peas awaiting a pod to reside in and some snappy wedding attire... think they are pretty cute all on their own!

Bassinet is 85% done!!!
Just need to sew the last side on and attach the trim and hope like hell it -
a) fits on the frame and
b) dosent fall apart when my fragile little bub is sleeping in it
Been putting off the last bit because Ive made my own bias style trim and it needs to be ironed in just the right way, Now i personally believe that ironing is the devils work and should be avoided at all costs (which is why every item of clothing I own has a bit of stretch), but Ive pulled out the trusty iron and board (for the first time since we have moved in... 8 months ago) and it is currently sitting in the middle of the hallway waiting for me to 'pull my finger out'. Its on the to do list for today...

Align Center
Blue paper piecing ball... TICK!

Bathina bag from the previous post.... TICK!

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