Saturday, August 1, 2009

I Made This!

Little Thomas is now 10 days old, we are home from the hospital and are trying to figure out just what in the hell we are doing.

Often Rob and i will look at each other and wonder 'why is he STILL crying?'
Fed - Check
nappy changed - Check
burped - Check
cuddled - Check
Rocked - Check

hmmm... what else can there be?

The Nurse at the Early Childhood Center told us that he was over tired... we didn't even consider this as an option and both wondered if he's tired why doesn't he just close his eyes? we aren't demanding attention... in fact we are expending quite a lot of energy TRYING to get him to sleep!

I hope this starts to get easier soon....

he is pretty darn cute tho and when he looks at you with his eyes slightly crossed and with his mean frown, it makes up for all those sleepless nights..

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1 comment:

  1. Oh congratulations honey!! I have been thinking about you and hoping that all is well. Thomas is a beautiful little boy :)

    Hope the sleepless nights get a bit better for you xx