Thursday, January 21, 2010

The new me.

i've got a new do.

Short and soft and flicky... nothing safe like i would normally have done. I still get a shock when i glance at my reflection and feel the need to run my fingers through it so often people must think Ive lost the plot.

Love it, pay a hundred bucks and i feel like a new person! all of a sudden i feel more confident and sexy, ready to take on life and adventure at a moments notice... that is until my sleep deprived reality kicks in and the baby starts crying.

My Hubby isn't much of a fickle hair preening guy... he tends to grow his golden locks until he could be mistaken for the 4th member of Hanson and then lops it off to a criminal number 3 only to start the cycle all over again. i have the best of both worlds, the pretty guy with the golden tresses and the crew cut bad boy...

one time after 'le snip' i actually almost crossed the street to avoid a thuggish looking creature before realising he had come to meet me off the bus. eep!...what a gem.

what is it about absolute strangers running their fingers thru your hair and massaging your scalp to sheer perfection... you tell me.

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