Sunday, May 24, 2009

Project alert - Bigs & Smalls and Ducks in a row

got a few things on the boiler at the moment, but am trying to focus most of my craftiness on just 2... difficult i know!

the first is my big and small blue crocheted blanket that has been in the works for.... hmmm, a while. Started out trying to make one reaaaallllyyy big granny square, just like my nan makes perfect for draping over the knees. but got bored when it got bigger, lots of work for little reward... going around and around was just getting dang tiring!
so i ended up making 2 smaller, big granny squares. but that just wasn't right either it needed something else... in come the small squares. That is how it went from big granny square, perfect for draping over the knees on those cold nights to MEGA PROJECT!

I've since started on another 2 smaller, big granny squares (it really should be a square) and need to make about a thousand more small squares for joining it altogether and a border.

all those blues do get me a little excited (it is my favorite colour!) and knowing that a good 90% of the yarn has been saved from many a back room gives me the warm fuzzies a bit too..

2nd project

I really have a thing for softies at the moment... here's the latest - Ducks in a row... or maybe birds, you can decide.

From humble beginnings (beautiful picture Robbie)

to a work in progress!

trying to get the hang of sewing curves on my 40 year old Janome passed down from mother to daughter (thanks mum) so they are a bit wonky but i think I'm getting the hang of it (i hope!)
in true style i think this will end up being a mobile for bubba.. sure they will love the bright colours and wont mind my wacky stitching.


  1. Wow - you've really gotten into it! Like your work!

  2. The Blue Blanky is looking really good!